Small Miracles: CranialTech Opens Orange County Clinic to Help Infants Reverse Abnormal Head Shape, Avoid Serious Health Issues Later in Life

Small Miracles: CranialTech Opens Orange County Clinic to Help Infants Reverse Abnormal Head Shape, Avoid Serious Health Issues Later in Life
January, 2011 Client News

TEMPE, ARIZ. – Jan. 10, 2011 – After many requests from local medical professionals, Cranial Technologies, Inc. (CranialTech), will open their thirteenth location in Orange, Calif., in mid-February 2011. The new Orange County clinic is conveniently located at 1010 West La Veta Ave., Suite 510, on the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) campus and joins two other Southern California CranialTech locations in Pasadena and San Diego offering superior plagiocephaly treatment with the DOC Band®.

With recent research indicating that nearly 48 percent of newborns will develop an abnormal head shape, the OC clinic is a superior option for local infants requiring treatment, in addition to the many families who travel from northern California and internationally to CranialTech’s two other California clinics.

Choosing CranialTech also means working with a company solely dedicated to plagiocephaly awareness, treatment and research. In 2011, CranialTech celebrates 25 years of providing treatment to more than 67,000 patients and their families. “We are the only company in the world dedicated completely to the research, diagnosis and treatment of plagiocephaly—it’s all we do!” says Jeanne Pomatto-Hertz, founder and CEO, Cranial Tech.

Although a plagiocephaly diagnosis can be alarming to parents, treatment using the DOC Band, the first FDA-cleared cranial remolding device, is successful at an early age, often in only a few months. Each DOC Band is custom-made by capturing the baby’s head shape through a DSi® image. This state-of-the-art, laser-free technology was invented by CranialTech and provides the fastest, safest and most accurate method for acquiring an infant’s head shape.

A typical treatment schedule for a baby with plagiocephaly can begin as early as three months and run until 18 months of age – a very short window of time to reverse the condition. CranialTech’s patients come back weekly or biweekly for growth adjustment appointments with CranialTech’s staff of physical therapists and occupational therapists.

In addition to being the leader in the field of plagiocephaly treatment, CranialTech also actively provides plagiocephaly awareness and prevention materials to parents and physicians across the country. An infant’s skull is so soft and malleable that many factors can impact the head shape. Although plagiocephaly can develop during the pregnancy due to position in the womb, multiple births and torticollis, steps can be taken after birth to help prevent plagiocephaly through repositioning techniques, minimizing time spent on backs and providing adequate tummy time.

Choosing to treat plagiocephaly is most difficult for parents, but leaving it untreated can cause a lifetime of difficulty for both the parent and child. While limited clinical studies show definitive long term side effects associated with an abnormal head shape, there are many studies that are currently looking at a variety of problems, including difficulty fitting glasses or bicycle helmets due to facial asymmetry, Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or jaw misalignment and other structural skull problems associated with plagiocephaly – and the condition will not fix itself on its own.

Parents can visit CranialTech’s website,, for more information as well as an online head shape assessment designed to help parents realize baby’s true head shape. All CranialTech clinics offer free evaluations with a clinician who takes the time to answer any questions parents may have. Treatment is often covered by insurance and a CranialTech staff member works directly with the medical insurance company to determine how much will be covered and to process all paperwork.

About CranialTech
In 1986, responding to requests from doctors for a non-surgical treatment of plagiocephaly, Jeanne Pomatto-Hertz, founder of Cranial Technologies, researched and developed the first cranial molding device to receive FDA-clearance. The DOC Band® and CranialTech became leaders in the treatment for this often misdiagnosed condition. More than 67,000 infants have successfully benefited from DOC Band® treatment in our clinics across the United States, and Spain. Cranial Technologies is based in Tempe, Ariz. For more information or to find a clinic location, visit Parents can also connect with CranialTech on Facebook.