The School for Entrepreneurship & Technology High School Senior Completes Watson University’s ‘Basecamp’ for Young Social Entrepreneurs

The School for Entrepreneurship & Technology High School Senior Completes Watson University’s ‘Basecamp’ for Young Social Entrepreneurs
December, 2017 Client News

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 28, 2017 – Kehila Moreno, a senior at The School for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SET High) in San Diego, was selected to receive a fully-funded fellowship opportunity from Watson University and attended the recent “Basecamp” weekend that focuses exclusively on social entrepreneurism. Moreno was just one of three high school students from around the nation to receive the opportunity to participate at no charge.

Watson University, based in Boulder, Colorado, is the only university in the United States that fosters social entrepreneurism in young adults and features a curriculum for young student innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. Moreno was selected for this fellowship opportunity in recognition of her current efforts to help local victims of human trafficking.

“Schools that focus on social entrepreneurship are rare. That is why I am thankful SET High includes social entrepreneurism into its curriculum, alongside other traditional subjects like literature and science. With entrepreneurial skills, my generation will be well-equipped to address and solve chronic issues like homelessness, drug addiction, racism, access to affordable healthcare, human trafficking and much more,” said Moreno. “Social entrepreneurism has helped me learn to identify societal issues like human trafficking and encourages me to actively engage to find solutions to current community challenges.”

In 2016, Moreno began her work to combat human trafficking by not only helping to rehabilitate victims of this serious crime, but also tutoring them to improve their communication skills. Her passion for this movement stems from witnessing a human trafficking incident right before her eyes at a local gas station involving a young girl, and feeling helpless in the situation. Moreno shared her experience with an advisory teacher at SET High, Sofia Lowenstein. Immediately the pair decided to create a plan to address human trafficking in San Diego, and turn their words into action. Moreno now continues to advocate for voices in need and aims to help put an end to human trafficking. In the last year, she has met with young female victims and encourages them to envision a better life for themselves. She helps them learn and practice communication skills, and also helps reconnect some with their families.

At the recent Basecamp summit, Moreno had the honor of participating in workshops and activities with fellow high school students as well as college students from Cornell University, Ohio State University, and Fordham University. While there she worked to answer the questions of “Why,” “What,” and “How” in the area of social entrepreneurship. Moreno also learned to incorporate inspiration when formulating ideas and concepts for universal change, and learned to implement ideas as it relates to human trafficking. She learned more about her target audience as well as how to come up with solutions based on what she learned about oppressed young women. Moreno worked with a group to also brainstorm creative solutions and created a prototype to raise awareness in the community. The prototype was showcased at Basecamp and will be implemented in the San Diego community to assist and provide resources for local causes.

With her first language being Spanish, Moreno understands the importance of communication and how it can be used to bridge cultures and industries to create effective and positive global change. In addition to her work against human trafficking, Moreno is also SET High’s senior class president, is Key Club co-president, and sits on the Barrio Logan College Institution Leadership Council. A resident of Shelltown, a neighborhood just south of downtown San Diego, she strives to be the first person in her family to attend a four-year university after her graduation in May 2018.

“When Kehila told me about her experience and came to me with the idea to help put an end to human trafficking, I knew this would be the perfect project for her,” said Sofia Lowenstein, English department chair and internship program director at SET High. “Not only does this project fulfill a critical need in our community, but also provides Kehila and other students with an opportunity to build leadership skills and integrates social entrepreneurism with the traditional high school coursework. At SET High, we strive to cultivate passionate and ambitious young adults that are motivated to make a difference, and Kehila’s work exemplifies this effort.”

While San Diego is becoming increasingly known as a haven for entrepreneurship, especially in the industries of technology and real estate, there is an increasing push to also incorporate the spirit of social entrepreneurism too, which also can make a direct economic impact and also provide youth like Kehila the opportunities to grow businesses and address challenges in our society.

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