San Diego Seniors Plan Protest of CDBG Fund Allocation Recommendations at Thursday Meeting in City Council Chambers

San Diego Seniors Plan Protest of CDBG Fund Allocation Recommendations at Thursday Meeting in City Council Chambers
March, 2011 Client News

** Seniors Not a Priority for San Diego City Council Members**

THE ISSUE: Seniors are not a priority for a majority of San Diego City council members, who recommend that only 4 percent ($450,000 out of $11,361,172) of all Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds go to senior programs – and none for critically needed nutritious meals provided by Senior Community Centers, which provides 1,700 nutritious meals daily to seniors in all eight council districts. Carl DeMaio was the only one to champion this important cause.

WHERE: Council Chambers, San Diego City Hall, 202 C Street, Downtown San Diego (92101).

WHEN: Thurs., March 10 at 9 a.m.

•    Senior clients can speak to the need for nutritious meals from Senior Community Centers – how they would go hungry if it was not for this service
•    Seniors will have empty plates in hand, during the hearing and will show the council members and staffers that the problem is too important to ignore
•    Paul Downey, CEO, Senior Community Centers (Downey also advocates at the state and federal level for seniors right to age successfully in good health and with adequate resources)

MORE: Many seniors lack sufficient funds to purchase healthy foods. Others lack the mobility needed to access nutritious food. Changing demographics and the unstable economy mean that the need for senior services will continue to increase. The United States senior population is expected to increase by more than 120 percent by 2050, making up 21 percent of the total population. What is more, for the last two years San Diego seniors have forgone an increase in Social Security retirement and disability benefits.

Failing to adequately provide for our seniors will cost the city of San Diego much more in the long run. Nutritious meals lead to better health, which reduces paramedic calls, emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations. Lack of funding from government agencies will lead to more cases of self-neglect, a form of elder abuse

EXPECTED ATTENDANCE: More than 50 seniors, plus staff and volunteers of Senior Community Centers

About Senior Community Centers:

Since 1970, Senior Community Centers’ innovative solutions have helped San Diego seniors struggling with poverty and hunger. No other San Diego area non-profit agency provides all the services under one roof. With ongoing state and federal budget cuts, and going into a second year without an increase in Social Security benefits, Senior Community Centers bridges this growing financial gap for seniors. who otherwise would have nowhere to turn. More information:

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