San Diego Human Dignity Foundation Names Ian Morton Director of Operations

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation Names Ian Morton Director of Operations
February, 2017 Client News

SAN DIEGO – Feb. 16, 2017 – The Board of Directors of the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation (SDHDF) have been diligently working to address concerns raised by the organization’s Finance Committee and Board of Directors. A thorough and careful financial review, led by an independent certified public accountant, has been conducted. This forensic review has provided the Board with confidence that the organization is solvent and prepared to fulfill our commitments to the community it serves. Further details will be announced once the report is finalized.

The Board of Directors is actively reorganizing the Foundation’s management structure, fiscal reporting processes, and communication practices to grantees and donors. The focus has been to “right size” the Foundation’s operations and refocus on fundraising to continue its mission of helping and strengthening the San Diego County LGBT community.

As part of this effort, in Dec. 2016, Rod Reinhart completed his interim role as executive director and Ian Morton was appointed director of operations. “Rod performed these responsibilities on a pro bono basis and we are grateful not only for his proven leadership but also his generous nature,” says Joselyn Harris, board president. “The Foundation is deeply grateful to Reinhart for his experienced guidance and for helping to ensure the Foundation’s smooth transition through this period.”

Morton joined SDHDF in Sept. 2014, and most recently held the position of senior program analyst, where he was responsible for grantee relations and reporting, strategic partnerships, and fundraising for the HIV Funding Collaborative and PFLAG scholarship funds. When asked about his plan for the future, Morton states: “The integral pillar of my vision for SDHDF is community engagement. I want to be a part of a foundation that is listening to the communities which it serves, and is responsive to their needs and priorities. This central question must inform our actions, fundraising, and giving – are the choices we make truly serving San Diego’s LGBT and HIV communities in the most effective and impactful manner? Having spent much of my advocacy work ‘in the trenches’, I have seen how a disconnect can form between funders and community needs, and am determined to facilitate ongoing communication, to inform our actions.”

“We are being methodical, thorough and thoughtful in our action plan,” adds Harris. “A rush to action without proper vetting is unwise. Each action has been thoroughly assessed and implemented, to protect the integrity and financial health of this beloved LGBT philanthropic organization that has served the community for more than twenty years.”

SDHDF will continue to make additional announcements regarding major Board decisions, conclusions from the financial review, and other significant changes, as new information is available. To stay informed of the Foundation’s financial review or to confidentially submit a question or comment to the Board of Directors, visit

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