Orange County Welcomes Infant-Only Clinic to Reverse ‘Flat Head’ Syndrome with Non-Invasive Treatments

Orange County Welcomes Infant-Only Clinic to Reverse ‘Flat Head’ Syndrome with Non-Invasive Treatments
February, 2011 Client News

WHAT: Since the ‘Back to Sleep’ Campaign was introduced in the early 1990’s to dramatically decrease SIDS, there has been a significant increase in infants diagnosed with plagiocephaly, or “flat head syndrome.” Plagiocephaly is prevalent; one in 15 infants is affected. Cranial Technologies will open a clinic to help more Southern California families treat plagiocephaly with the most effective solution to date – a careful mix of physical therapy and wearing a DOC Band®, custom made for each infant using proprietary technology available at the clinic. Since its introduction 25 years ago, the clinicians have treated more than 67,000 infants across the United States.

WHERE: St. Joseph Hospital Medical Tower, 1010 W. La Veta Ave., Ste. 510, Orange, Calif. 92868 /

WHEN: Clinic opens Mon., Feb. 14 at 9 a.m. Advance interviews available. Please contact us to schedule a time to interview local families and for access to the clinic.


  • Parents need to know there is a viable treatment option near them, often covered by insurance. Treatment is painless and non-invasive, and lasts just a few months.
  • The Orange County clinic will expand the opportunity to help more babies. Currently, most families travel to San Diego or Pasadena for treatment appointments.
  • Untreated infants could grow up to experience difficulty in fitting glasses or bicycle helmets due to facial asymmetry, TMJ or jaw misalignment and other associated structural skull problems.
  • Most pediatricians believe the condition will fix itself – it will not, and cannot be treated once an infant is older than 18 months, as the skull fuses together.


  • Remarkable before and after photos and a free online evaluation tool available at
  • Lightweight DOC Band® — weighs only 6 ounces and are decorated by parents.
  • Clinicians fitting DOC Bands® and working with infants and parents.
  • DSi® image technology: State-of-the-art, laser-free technology was invented by CranialTech and provides the fastest, safest and most accurate method for acquiring an infant’s head shape. In turn, a custom DOC Band® is created.
  • Local families who have completed treatment or are currently in treatment can speak to their experience and encourage others to seek more information.
  • Licensed clinicians and physical therapists can speak to the importance of treating plagiocephaly, how to identify and what treatment entails.
  • Company founder and CEO Jeanne Pomatto-Hertz available for interview (via phone).

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