New iPhone App for Women, Mz. Bizzee Calculates True Financial Household Contributions

New iPhone App for Women, Mz. Bizzee Calculates True Financial Household Contributions
May, 2012 Client News

DALLAS, TX – May 7, 2012 – Just in time for Mother’s Day, Paper Stitch Studios introduces a new, innovative iPhone® app called Mz. Bizzee®. The app, available in the App Store™, offers women the opportunity to calculate their financial worth with the actual cost per hour to hire someone to do the same tasks for them. Mz. Bizzee’s whimsical and intuitive interface allows users to track the most common daily tasks accomplished throughout their busy day in the palm of their hand.

“Until now, there has been no measurement of the financial impact a mother has on her family and home,” says Patricia Schmidt-Miranda, founding partner of Dallas-based Paper Stitch Studios. The Mz. Bizzee app uses published reports from government agencies and not-for-profit family organizations to calculate the costs per hour of tasks accomplished. “Women, especially moms who are stay-at-home moms, often receive backhanded comments about their financial worth and true contributions to the household. If a mother is taken away from the home, there can be not only be a devastating emotional impact but a financial one as well,” continued Schmidt-Miranda.
The financial calculations for the user’s completed tasks can be shared via email, Facebook or text.  Completed tasks in Mz. Bizzee unlock achievements and are posted on a leaderboard through Game Center on the iPhone. Users can download the Mz. Bizzee app for 99 cents by visiting the App Store on their iPhone or iPad®.
Studies repeatedly show that while men and women are splitting work and chores equally, women still shoulder more responsibility by multitasking and doing two things or more at once. According to research by Rescue Remedy, today’s women need a 26-hour day to get their life back in balance. In fact, women’s “me-time” is so eroded by chores that over a third of women get less than six hours sleep every night. Another study found that men would need to increase their housework by 60 percent to be on a level with women.
“The illusion that things get done magically frustrates me,” says Donna Grasanti, a stay at home mother of twins and a stepmother to two teen boys. “What I do is a 24 hour gig. I’m married to a great guy, and he works hard, but I have to remind him from time to time my contributions to the household. Mz. Bizzee app is great way to do this.”
About Paper Stitch Studios
Paper Stitch Studios is based in Dallas, TX and is led by founding partner Patricia Schmidt-Miranda. Mz. Bizzee is the first in a series of smartphone and tablet apps designed for women. For more information, connect with the team at