National Conflict Resolution Center Receives $125,000 from The Burnham Foundation

National Conflict Resolution Center Receives $125,000 from The Burnham Foundation
January, 2017 Client News

SAN DIEGO – Jan. 24, 2017National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) is pleased to announce The Burnham Foundation has made a $125,000 pledge to the organization to expand its pioneering Galinson Campus Civility Project. This significant gift will enable NCRC to build on the project’s success at its five current campuses by bringing it to five new universities throughout the western United States.

The Galinson Campus Civility Project, named in honor of NCRC advocates Murray and Elaine Galinson, has emerged as a national model in addressing a fundamental challenge to higher education: balancing the principles of free speech and open inquiry with the need to respect differing viewpoints and teach civil discourse. Since its 2011 launch, the initiative has provided communications and inclusivity training to tens of thousands of student leaders in California and Arizona. Participants have given the project high marks for helping them learn how to manage conflict and build cohesion.

“Our support of the Galinson Project is an investment in the future of our diverse and global society,” said philanthropist Malin Burnham, a long-time advisor to the NCRC Board of Directors. “This program is preparing today’s students to be enlightened and effective leaders, and it is teaching them the importance of ‘Community Before Self.’”

University student leaders and staff who participate in the project are taught communication and conflict management skills to help them navigate difficult situations and find common ground with people who have different viewpoints. To date, the project has been adopted by San Diego State University (SDSU); the University of California, San Diego (UCSD); California State University San Marcos (CSUSM); the San Diego Community College District (SDCC); and Arizona State University (ASU).

During the 2015-2016 academic year, more than 4,600 students at the four California campuses completed the training, and 8,500 students have contracted for the training in future years. ASU, the newest campus to adopt the project, anticipates that 11,500 students will contract for training in the 2017 fall semester.

Evaluations of the Galinson Campus Civility Project have been outstanding. As University of California President Janet Napolitano noted in a 2015 speech, “84 percent (of UCSD students) said that the strategies they have learned in the program will definitely improve communications throughout the campus … and 85 percent said that the tools they use in the program will help them advance in their future careers.” Feedback from SDSU students was equally compelling, with 100 percent saying that they would apply the skills they learned when interacting with other student organization members and with coworkers on the job.

The project’s most lasting impact may be the launch of student-led civility initiatives at all five campuses, including SDSU’s “One SDSU Community!”; UCSD’s “Tritons Together”; CSUSM’s “Civility: Care, Respect, and Empathy”; SDCCD’s “We Are Community”; and ASU’s “This Is The Sun Devil Way.”

“We appreciate this generous gift from The Burnham Foundation, and we are deeply grateful to Malin for his wise counsel over the years,” said NCRC President Steven P. Dinkin. “NCRC is ready to scale up this singular initiative, and in an era of growing polarization, we believe that broadening its impact is a matter of urgency. Ultimately, our strategic objective is to expand the reach of the Campus Civility Project from a regional to a national initiative.”

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