Mama’s Kitchen Delivers 9,000,000th Meal to La Mesa Resident

Mama’s Kitchen, a local nonprofit meal delivery service dedicated to men, women and children affected by HIV, cancer, and other critical illnesses, including congestive heart failure and Type II diabetes, delivered its nine millionth meal with the help of Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins on Monday, Sept. 30, 2019. Mama’s Kitchen Executive Director, Alberto Cortés along with Senator Atkins will hand-deliver the commemorative nine millionth meal to longtime Mama’s Kitchen client, Austin Hurd. He has been a Mama’s Kitchen client since 2002.

For nearly three decades, Mama’s Kitchen provides the healing power of nutrition to neighbors too ill to cook for themselves. Started as a volunteer response to the AIDS epidemic, Mama’s Kitchen now delivers three medically-tailored meals a day, seven days a week, free of charge.

In program year 2019, Mama’s Kitchen delivered 364,498 meals to 939 clients battling HIV, cancer, congestive heart failure or diabetes. Meals were also provided to 112 children whose parents were affected by critical illness.

As a community-driven organization, Mama’s Kitchen has 1,198 volunteers who donate 31,152 hours every year to help the organization reach milestones like its nine millionth meal. Mama’s Kitchen volunteers drive approximately 962 miles each delivery day to meet the organization’s clients all around San Diego County.

The nonprofit believes that Food Heals, and everyone is entitled to the basic necessity of life — nutritious food.

Mama’s Kitchen was founded in 1990 when volunteers from the AIDS Assistance Fund discovered that many of their clients were becoming too ill to take care of themselves. They realized that a reliable home meal delivery service was needed to ensure that these individuals would continue to receive nutritious, life-sustaining food. In 2004, Mama’s Pantry was opened to provide individuals with HIV who are able to prepare meals the opportunity to supplement their nutritional needs.

Mama’s Kitchen has never turned away a client who qualified for its services. The organization’s commitment to its clients remains unchanged and in May 2017 Mama’s Kitchen expanded its mission to serve San Diegans affected by HIV, cancer, congestive heart failure and Type II diabetes.

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