Count Me 2020 Selects Scatena Daniels for Media Outreach

Scatena Daniels now represents Count Me 2020, a nonpartisan coalition of over 150 community-based organizations dedicated to an accurate Census count in our region. The members have been working collaboratively for close to two years, to ensure full participation in the once-every-ten-years population count, which shows us the size and diversity of all persons living in San Diego and Imperial Counties. The Scatena Daniels team leads the earned media outreach efforts for the coalition. Some of the highest rates of "hard-to-count" (HTC) populations have been identified in our region. Local leaders are concerned there may not be a high-response rate for the 2020 Census among these groups, which include: African-American, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, immigrant, refugee, veterans, LGTBQ communities, seniors, college students, young children, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and residents of neighborhoods with low-broadband service. in San Diego and Imperial Counties, the majority of 2020 Census efforts are coordinated through the Count Me 2020 Coalition, led by the United Way of San Diego County, and with support from SANDAG and the County of Imperial.

The COVID-19 health pandemic is a resounding reminder that we have to ensure, through participation in the 2020 Census, that our communities have the federal, state, and local funding they need to address all of our regional needs and concerns. It has never been easier to respond on your own, whether online, over the phone, or by mail -- all without having to meet a Census taker. Learn more about the Count Me 2020 Coalition and take the 2020 Census at

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