Scatena Daniels Coordinates Press Conference Featuring George Takei

Scatena Daniels Coordinates Press Conference Featuring George Takei
October, 2018 Blog

The Scatena Daniels team organized a media meet and greet and interview session with one of the most endearing Hollywood (and social media) celebrities — Mr. George Takei!

Takei returned to San Diego to promote “American,” by director Richie Adams. The film opened the GI Film Festival San Diego 2018, organized by KPBS. In “American,” Takei plays a volunteer at the Japanese-American Museum, who meets a young woman on pursuit of information about her grandfather. The meeting triggers flashbacks for Takei’s character; igniting painful memories of living in an internment camp and then serving in the U.S. military during World War II.

The media turnout to welcome George back to San Diego (he had spent time here at The Old Globe in “Allegiance”) was phenomenal. The pre-event and day of event coverage was all coordinated and managed by the Scatena Daniels team, in conjunction with Richie and with George’s husband, Brad Takei. This was an experience we won’t soon forget!

Check out our Facebook page for photos from the meet and greet as well as some of the coverage bestowed upon the film.