Local High School Baseball Coach Inducted To CBCA Hall of Honorees

Local High School Baseball Coach Inducted To CBCA Hall of Honorees
June, 2018 Client News

San Diego – June 6, 2018 – The California Baseball Coaches Association (CBCA) names longtime local high school baseball coach, David Glassey, as one of its 2018 Hall of Honorees recipients. A ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 16 at 5 p.m. at the University of California, San Diego baseball stadium during the annual North South Series. For nearly 40 years, Glassey has coached high school baseball at Francis Parker School in San Diego, winning several California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) championships, as well as sending many of his players to play at the collegiate level and professionally.

“I enjoy the challenge that comes with coaching and watching the players come together as a team. It has been rewarding to see them mature and become successful adults,” said Glassey. “Coaching gives me the opportunity to help them learn how to deal with failure. Baseball is a game of failure; you fail more than you succeed. I love seeing the dedication of players and seeing them learn many of life’s lessons.”

Dedicated to his coaching craft, Glassey has a career record of 612 wins, one of the top five San Diego County high school baseball coaches with the most wins. He has won nine CIF championships and CIF runner up seven times throughout his career. Some of his recent players who went on to professional baseball careers include Nick Allen who was drafted by the Oakland A’s in 2017, as well as Nick Noonan and Jose Vizcaino for the San Francisco Giants, and Kyle Dowdy for the Detroit Tigers. Along with these players, many others have gone to play at the college level.

With all of his success, the La Jolla resident will retire in 2018 as the varsity baseball coach at Francis Parker School, where the team finished 22-10 and played CIF’s Division 2 Championship. “It’s been fun to see the successes my players had not only in baseball, but also in their lives and careers. I hope that in some way, I have influenced their success,” said Glassey.

Here are some of what Glassey’s former students say about him:

“Congrats, Coach! You deserve it. Your guidance and friendship changed lives, mine for sure. The best coach and actually the only person who will always be “Coach” on and off the field,” said Jeff Hiekkola.

“He has made a difference in a lot of lives, including mine. I wouldn’t be who I am today,” said Ben Coughlan, a San Diego trial attorney and partner with The Gomez Firm.

“What makes Coach great is the impact he’s had on the lives of so many young men and women, and the role model he has been and continues to be,” said Patrick Styles.

“An honor and privilege to play for and coach with. Forever grateful,” said Greg LaBarre.

“I think all Parker players throughout the years can vouch that Coach Glassey is one of the best high school coaches in San Diego history,” said Pat McQuinn.

In addition to Glassey, Charles Hatfield of Chatsworth High School will also be inducted into CBCA’s 2018 Hall of Honorees. Other notable San Diego County honorees over the last three decades include David Gonzalez with Eastlake High School, Rob Phillips with Grossmont High School, Steve Vickery with El Capitan High School, Manny Hermosillo with Montgomery High School, and Dennis Pugh with Mission Bay High School.

For more information about the North South Series and the 2018 induction ceremony, please visit www.calcba.com.