[ADVISORY] Low-Income Seniors Receive Free Heart Health Screenings from SDSU and UCSD Nursing Students

[ADVISORY] Low-Income Seniors Receive Free Heart Health Screenings from SDSU and UCSD Nursing Students
September, 2013 Client News

WHAT: Nurse practitioner students from SDSU School of Nursing and students from UCSD Medical School will donate their time to provide free heart health screenings for low-income and at-risk seniors in Downtown San Diego. Sept. 30 is World Heart Day designated by the World Heart Federation, and the final day of Senior Center Month as designated by the National Council on Aging (NCOA).

WHERE: Gary & Mary West Senior Wellness Center, 1525 4th Avenue, San Diego (92101). Operated by Senior Community Centers, a non-profit organization, the location is a model for senior centers throughout the United States. Learn more at www.servingseniors.org.

WHEN: Fri., Sept. 30 from 10:45 a.m. to 12 noon

WHY: This intergenerational partnership with local universities gives medical students the experience to work with seniors and also gives seniors a critical check-up at no cost, to diagnose any cardiovascular disease or threat of strokes. Students will perform these check-ups under guidance from licensed and registered nurses and doctors from SDSU and UCSD. These types of collaborations and innovative programs are what make the Gary & Mary West Senior Wellness Center a model for senior service providers in California and the United States.

IMPORTANT HEART HEALTH STATS & SENIORS: According to the World Heart Federation, if you live to be 70, your heart will have beat 2.5 billion times. The risk of stroke double every decade after age 55. Gender and ethnic origin also plays a role. Past menopause, a woman’s risk of heart disease is similar to a man’s. People with African or Asian ancestry are at higher risks of developing cardiovascular disease than other racial groups.


  • Nurse practitioner students from SDSU and UCSD working one-on-one with low-income seniors in a clinical setting, providing health screenings to diagnose cardiovascular disease and stroke risk.
  • Local seniors who receive the screenings can talk about how this benefits them.
  • Marilyn Newhoff, Ph.D., dean, college of health and human services, SDSU
  • Lorraine Fitzsimmons, Ph.D., APRN, ANP-BC, director, adult-gerontology nurse practitioner program, SDSU
  • Paul Downey, president and CEO, Senior Community Centers
  • Spanish spokesperson and seniors are available.

MEDIA CONTACTS: Arika Daniels (949) 338-6672 and Denise Scatena (619) 218-4889.

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